Showing up, letting go, and embracing courage.

It's hard to imagine my life will be completely different a month from now. I may not have everything figured out, but I don't need to. Life is still happening at its pace and I simply want to enjoy it. 


welcome to the process.

but in those moments of loneliness or restlessness, days where I feel overwhelmed with things to do or things I dream of doing, I am reminded that all of this is progress. that the first mile can’t be skipped or filtered, and it sure as heck isn’t meant to be sexy. stay the course. trust your progress. and welcome to the process.

Life, lately

"We don't have to trust the plan; we have to trust the creator of the plan. Pursue holiness, always be humble, and don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone."

Why every twenty-something should travel to a new city alone

They say travel is about "getting lost and finding yourself." The truth is, finding yourself is an ongoing journey. It takes trial and error, rejection, and plenty of mistakes that will occur along the way--but it also takes courage, strength, and willingness to persevere. It takes work and being open: openness to experiences good and bad, and to getting "lost" on occasion. But above all things, it takes courage. With faith, the right mindset, network of support, and a map or general plan to guide you, you can get lost anywhere and find yourself along the way.