Fashion Fads We (Kind Of) Miss

Remember back in middle school, when you made it your life’s mission to make it to the “cool kids” side of the cafeteria? When you roamed the misery-filled halls, rocking the latest trend that you begged your mom to splurge on, or just copying whatever style was worn on TRL that week? Well, you may or may …


Hippie Revolution: The Flower Crown

You’ve seen them at music festivals (Coachella-style), on little girls’ hair at parties, at concerts, even on Harry Styles apparently. As made famous by Lana del Rey, the flower crown is all the rage in wannabe-hipster fashion. Either do-it-yourself with a wire headband, scissors and some fake florals from Michael’s Arts & Crafts; or buy the pre-made version at Claire’s or Urban Outfitters. …


Just a random thought: I loved my outfit today. - Black rain boots: $40; Old Navy - Anorak jacket: Forever21; gift from a friend! - Striped tee: $15; Forever 21 - Cross necklace: $6 from OLA